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    Portlane Data Center Falkenberg

    To be able to meassure up with the demands the market has set as a standard today we at Portlane conciders a well developed infrastructure to be the key. To be able to store data on a seperate location from the primary hosting environment is key in todays standard.

    This is what we are creating with our data center in Falkenberg which is a geographically diversed location from our primary site in Stockholm. Together with our redundant connection between the sites we offer a secure backup location for you to store your data. Or why not use Falkenberg as a primary data center if your business is situated on the west coast of sweden and use Stockholm as a backup? Both our sites meet the standard we feel is nessecary to provide with a secure hosting environment.

    Contact us for more information on how we can help you seperate and secure your data.

    Quick facts;

    • Built in 2011
    • 154m2 data center of total 450m2
    • Video surveillance, security patrol and advanced alarm systems
    • N+1 300kVA UPS from Emerson
    • 700kVA backup generator
    • Geographically seperated from Stockholm
    • Redundant connections between the data centers

    For more information about Data Center Falkenberg please contact us.

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